Who are you?

My name is Jenna.  I live in Chicago with my amazing husband Matt, our beautiful daughter Olive, our sweet cat Lo and our charming puggle Finley.  By day, I am a middle school creative drama teacher.  By night, I investigate and write about my two other loves; food and travel.

 How did Butter&Yolk begin?

 I have always believed that if you want something, you have to put that out into the world.  I am most passionate about food and travel.  These are things that enlighten me and drive me creatively.   While traveling in Puerto Rico, I decided it was time to actively pursue the things that I am most passionate about.  A blog seemed like the best way to start that journey.

 How is Butter&Yolk different from other blogs?

Butter&Yolk is a collection of stories derived from my personal food and travel experiences.  What sets B&Y apart from other food blogs is my investigation into the people, purveyors, ingredients and locations that create an experience.  I love to cook, but you will rarely find me creating my own recipes.  Instead, I would rather tell the story of how I made your recipe and even better, who you are and how you came upon the dish!

 How did you come up with the name Butter&Yolk?

 I wanted the title of my blog to reflect my philosophy on food and travel.  I believe these are the best vehicles that help me evolve as a person, therefore giving me the opportunity to become more well-rounded and make deeper human connections.   With B&Y’s tag line being “An exploration into a richer life”, I wanted a title that conveyed something rich.  I had recently seen “butter and egg man” online as a throwback to 1930’s slang.  I loved the name and tweaked it to better suit the blog.  Butter and yolk are indeed rich ingredients therefore it seemed to be a fitting name for the blog.

 What is the future of Butter&Yolk?

 When I first started B&Y, I was not sure where the journey would lead me.  As it is now taking shape, I have rekindled my love of writing and hope to make food and travel writing my career.  My hope is that Butter&Yolk will serve as a platform to reflect on food and travel all over the world.  In addition to my blog, I am aspiring to write for other food publications and have started working on a few book ideas.  In the far away future, I hope to combine my work as an educator and create a learning experience through B&Y for youth and adults.

Click here to find out more about the beginnings of Butter&Yolk: We Mean Business

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