Feeling The Love Giveaway!

B&Y fans…you really are the best!  And to show you my gratitude, I am giving some of the love right back!  This week, I will premiere the first ever Feeling the Love Giveaway!  How do YOU get to feel the love?  Easy.  Follow the contest rules below and stay tuned!  The winner will be announced Saturday, September 15th at 12PM sharp!  Good luck!


  1. On the bottom of this post, answer the following question in the comment box below: What is your most embarrassing food experience?  Did you burn the house down the first time your in-laws came for dinner?  Accidentally spill BBQ sauce on yourself on a first date?  Face plant in the middle of your high school cafeteria?  We want to know!
  2. In addition to your story, each participant must either follow B&Y by email, on Pinterest or on Twitter. (See widgets on B&Y homepage).
  3. Lastly, all participants must enter a correct email in comment box so B&Y knows where the winner can be reached in case they get all the love and win the prize!
  4. Anyone can enter this giveaway.
  5. Both 1&2&3 must be completed in order to be eligible to win.


A B&Y T-Shirt designed by yours truly.

Judging will also be done by yours truly.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Feeling The Love Giveaway!

  1. My most embarrassing food moment came junior year of high school. I thought it would be a good idea to bring a leftover Boston Market meatloaf sandwich to school for lunch. If anyone is familiar with the meatloaf from this establishment…it just has a certain odor to it. And when it’s leftover and it’s been sitting out for a minute, it smells really really bad. But, you know, sometimes I don’t think things through, so I brought this with a bag of chips to school. I left it in my locker for the first four periods and then happen to be in class that’s located in the area where my locker is. I went to the washroom and as I stepped out of class I immediately smelled something rank and horrific and I knew exactly what it was. I didn’t have time to go to my locker so I had to wait to the passing period to deal with this. It just so happened to be lunch time for me and half the school. As everyone was pouring out of the classrooms everyone kept saying “what is that awful smell?” It was all over the hallways and got worse closer to my locker. I was so embarrassed and tried to act cool and that it was not my lunch as the source. I fumbled with my combination lock and finally got my locker open; I was trying to do this quickly so as not to get noticed. But, when I opened my locker a whaff (is this a word?) or horribleness spilled from my locker. People starting noticing that it was me and I took off towards the room I ate lunch in with a friend. I brought the sandwich with me and it just left a trail of foulness behind me. The sandwich immediately stunk up the room and I was forced to exit until I came back without the meatloaf. Worse yet, I was hungry and had no food so I decided to give the meatloaf a try and eat some. It didn’t taste that great so I ran into a lunchroom and tossed it as people looked at me bewildered by the smell that followed me.

  2. My most embarrassing food story comes from daycamp circa 1989. We had no bread in the house or food for that matter so my mom packed me half a salami roll in some saran wrap and threw it in a brown paper bag. When it came time for lunch and the counselor was passing out lunches she reached mine which of course had no name on it and yelled, “who’s is this?!” in her snobby north shore accent. I embarrassingly stuck one finger up to take ownership for my salami and she literally rolled the bag over to me. I think she felt bad for me as I took a bite out of my salami and embarassingky answered fellow campers questions with, “it’s salami u know”. So she gave me some of her chips. The end. It was that or melted bag of ice under my cool whip container full of egg salad.

  3. back in 1963 we were so poor so my mom made me spam sandwiches for a week…next week we had black olive and creme cheese sandwiches….i still love both !

  4. The one time my dad and his wife came to visit me in Chicago was also the first Thanksgiving I was spending with my fresh new boyfriend (now a long established life partner!). I’m technically a pescatarian, I don’t eat ‘land-meats’, only ‘sea-meat’. And I didn’t want a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, no turkey, sub tofurkey. Here was my chance to impress both Gabe (the BF) and prove to my dad that I’m doing pretty good on my own in the big city. So Pat, my step-mother, and I worked out a menu over the phone. I would make a French, cream-based Tilapia dish and she would make brisket and a side dish. I would also make mushroom risotto and two pies: pecan and apple-blackberry. She would make ice-cream. So here we are, cooking away in my tiny apartment kitchen. We generally don’t get along, and she’s already offended me by bringing all the pie fixings in case I messed up. We have a ragtag group of hometown friends over for dinner besides the four of us. It’s fun, it’s festive, it’s slightly boozy. Gabe walks into the kitchen and cheerfully asks me what Tilapia is. Before I can answer Pat booms, “It’s a tasteless, bland whitefish. But don’t worry, I’m making home-made ice-cream.” I was shocked silent and mortified. Gabe just raised his eyebrows and left the room. Since then, we have laughed and laughed about it and turned it into a one of our favorite inside jokes. The best part is that when it came time for Pat to actually make the ice-cream, she found that she had forgotten her ice-cream maker at home!

  5. Thank you to all the B&Y participants. All of your stories made me laugh! There can only be one winner, however. And the winner is…….JEA!!! Congrats Happy Grape. Not only was your story very funny, but you followed all of the B&Y giveaway rules! I will be in touch by email to go over prize details!

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