Cocktails: Tuesday Night Style

Cocktails?  I am down.  Bar-pop with featured cocktails? Definitely down.  Tuesday Night Dinner Series creates the menu and hosts the event? Invite friends.  And this is how Tuesday night unfolded for me and a girlfriend this week.  TND is a team of amazing chefs and bartenders led by Jeremy Leven who create a supper club style dinner event every last Tuesday of the month.  This Tuesday, the TND crew took a spin on dinner by doing a cocktail focused event that included bar snacks.  I say bar snacks lightly because these bites were more gourmet than snack-y including crab and caper filled jalapeno poppers, garlic, curry spiced popcorn, and fries to- die-for.  Although the food was spot on, the cocktails were the highlight and rightfully so.  Selly and Lori were killing it behind the bar!  From beer cocktails to sangria, the menu was eclectic and chalk full of fresh and crisp ingredients.  Best part: These sophisticated sippers were $4-$6 a piece!  I’ll have to admit, this time around I went more as a guest than on assignment for B&Y, but after a few sips I could not resist snapping shots of what was going on…even if it was on my phone (thanks Instagram!). Curious about TND?  Check out their website (linked above) or see my post here: Comin’ Home for Dinner.  Here is what we sampled below:

Blueberry Bramble: Wild Michigan blueberries, lemon, basil, gin.

Michelada: Raw heirloom tomato consumme, pilsner (Haymarket Brewery), guajillo peppper/dehydrated corn dust rim. A hearty cocktail and a sure fire hangover cure.

Watermelon Mint Martini: Watermelon juice, vodka, citrus,mint, salt.

Elderflower White Sangria: Sauvignon Blanc, elderflower liqueur, strawberries, citrus.




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