Date Night

This post is going to be short and sweet, like a date.  One:  I already posted these pics on our Facebook fan page here:  Two: the dates look like old wrinkly balls (I am assuming) and the paste looks like shit (literally) coming out of the juicer (heh, coming out of the juicer).  Sorry. Brief Beavis and Butthead moment.  It is late.  Three: Making this is crazy easy.  So here we go.

Matt and I grabbed some organic dates from the market in Il Ritrovo last week (see previous post).  I found out that with my Omega juicer (8005), I can homogenize the dates using the “blank” adapter.  Fancy talk for the juicer is gonna cream these suckers, literally.  What comes out after you remove the pits is a legit date paste which can be spread on toast, mixed with ice cream, eaten by itself or paired with cheese, in a charcuterie or with wine.  You can really do whatever you want to this deliciousness.  To give you an idea, I used about 12 dates….I got about 1/3 cup paste.  That is a rough guess.  I ended up with a lot and we are still pairing it with the Pleasant Ridge Reserve we picked up in Wisconsin.  Side note: Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the macdaddy of all cheeses.  Upland Farms are the producers of this artisanal cheese which is made from grass-fed cow’s milk and in a technique that mostly requires two hands and a lot less equipment.  Check out their story here:

I mean….right?

Told ya.

Simple.  Easy. A bit of a dirty clean up.  Sounds ’bout right for date night.

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