Tropical Fruits for a Chicago Heat Wave.

I am obsessed with our juicer.  I want to juice everything.  Note:  That does not mean that I am actually juicing everything or that we are drinking juice to supplement meals.  In fact, we are finding out how much sugar we are taking in by juicing fruits and we all know sugar equals calories so we are making more green juices instead.  But that is besides the point because A:  This post has zilch to do with green anything.  In fact, this post has everything to do with sugary fruit things and B: I am mostly saying that the more things I juice, the more I learn about the food that I am eating.  Plus, the Omega 8005 juicer can do some really cool things.  This is John, and he owns a juice shop and here is where he told me about coconut cream:  This is really where the obsession with our juicer came into full swing.  I can make coconut cream from raw coconut in this thing! Yes.  Plus, it is hot as balls in Chicago right now and ANYTHING tropical sounds about right.  I’ll get into that later with the juice I made in the end.  For now, lets talk coconuts people.

I was so intrigued about making coconut anything from our juicer that when I got to the produce market, I completely neglected what John said about mature coconuts having more fat content making it easier to churn to cream.  I mistakenly grabbed a young coconut instead so when I woke up this morning and realized “juicing” this thing would do nothing but produce shredded coconut (which you can dehydrate and  then re process in the juicer to make, I moved into coconut milk making.  I knew with a young coconut there would be more water inside the nut which I could blend with the meat of the coconut for milk.  I had ZERO idea how to get into a coconut even though it was already out of the shell.  I gave it a few ridiculous whacks and gave up until I found this:  Chef Steffy Sue is the bomb on cutting young coconuts.  If you follow her instructions, its super easy to get it right the first time.  When I hit the head on a 45 degree angle to reveal the coconut lid, I was probably too excited. It was like a jack in the box just popped out in front of my face…only instead of a weird scary clown type thing appearing, a peaceful nearly Zen like pool of clear coconut water revealed itself to me and surrounding it …luscious, silky, coconut meat which I gently seduced away from the skin with a very small spatula after pouring the water into a nearby blender.  Once you add the meat to the water, blend for 2 minutes.   What you end up with is coconut milk.  And with coconut milk, you can make sauces, soups, desserts, curries, dressings or use it as a non dairy substitute.  I will warn you: This shiz is good, and a lot of people will tell you coconut water and/or milk has many health benefits.  I will let you decide.  But it tastes magnificent. Side note: If the milk is a little gritty after coming out of the blender, you can strain it with cheesecloth or run it through the juicer one more time.  That will separate the milk from the bit of pulp left over.

The coconut.

The newly opened coconut. (Note: The water should be clear or clearish yellow. If it is pink or purple it is rancid.)

Coconut meat from inside.

The aftermath.

Sexy blender shot.

Martha Stewart Magazine “Coconut Milk” shot.

Although I day dreamed about all of the lovely Thai food I could try with my new coconut milk or the coconut pie I might attempt, I had to do something immediately with this ridiculously good milk.  I remembered a few things we bought at the market Sunday; papaya, watermelon, and pineapple!  Now we were in business.  I juiced these fruits up and then re added the milk therefore removing the last residues of pulp while adding a creamy dimension to this tropical design.  It was delicious.  An amazing and refreshing treat to indulge in on a 90 degrees day.

Another thing John from the first clip taught me is that you can make banana “sorbet” or “ice cream” with the Omega.  It is super easy and crazy good.  Take ripe bananas, peel them, freeze them.  Once frozen, put the bananas through juicer one at a time (use blank strainer if using the Omega).  What churns out is literally frozen creamy banana.  Stir it and you have an ice cream type desert than can be eaten alone or accompanied by many things (like the left over chocolate cake from Matt’s sisters birthday that it so nicely paired with).  Best part:  You can do this with most fruits.  Mango!? Papaya!? We will keep you posted.

Frozen bananas.

Coming through the juicer.

Ice cream.

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