You like it the juice, eh?

This folks is juice.

It came from our new juicer.

Pulp and Juice.

I have to admit that juicing always seemed interesting but something I got lazy about investigating.  That is until I met Izzy; a friend from work who has recently inspired me to start juicing after explaining its many benefits.  In addition, she could not have been a better host last night when she invited me over  for home-made pizzas on her grill!  But first, she started the evening with a demo of her brand new juicer! I can’t lie. This thing was pretty cool.  It sliced right through carrots, spinach apples, lemons, and beets!  The juice was impressive and the clean-up was quick.  I was sold.  I went home that night and convinced Matt we needed one.  Here is why:

1. By juicing your fruit and veggies, you will absorb all the nutrients into your body quickly and effectively.  By separating out the fiber in the pulp, the nutrients are free to enter into your system without your body having to break down the fiber.  In addition, all of the poor ways we have treated our bodies (fast food, alcohol, coffee, preservatives etc.) make it difficult for us to absorb nutrients regardless.  Without the addition of fiber, our bodies can easily access and breakdown the full range of nutrients that fruit and veg offers us.

2. Jucing enables optimal retrieval of the nutrients into our bodies therefore juicing has a zillion health benefits including disease prevention, increased energy, better skin, and a stronger immune system.

3. Juicing releases anti antioxidants into your body which ultimately help detoxify your body and eliminate fats and preservatives that have been left behind by unhealthy choices and preservatives.  By doing this, your body can access stored energy for overall improved health.

If you are thinking about buying a juicer, there are a million options and to be honest, we were overwhelmed by the choices.  With some diligent research and with the addition of a few helpful conversations, we were able to narrow it down to the Omega 8005 and here is why.

1. Omega 8005 is a macerating juicer.  A macerating juicer uses low speeds to literally squeeze or “chomp down” on the produce you are juicing.  By doing this, macerating guarantees the release of all the nutrients and enzymes from your fruits and veg.  Think of it this way; your teeth are natural macerators.  They break down your food, releasing nutrients before they are digested.

2. The more typical type of juicer is a centrifugal juicer.  These use high speeds to spin the fruit or veg outwards in order to separate out the pulp.  You will lose half of the nutrients in your produce by doing this, therefore not maximizing the benefits of the juice.  Also, the high-speed spinning generates heat which kills many of the nutrients in your produce before it is even juiced.

3.  A centrifugal juicer tends to be more convenient when it comes to clean-up and speed.  I was worried that the Omega would not be as efficient.  In addition, you have to cut the produce before juicing which I thought would be greatly time consuming.  I was wrong.  Yes, there is more clean up, and yes, it takes a bit longer to juice, but it was not enough of a difference for us to second guess the nutritional benefits from a macerating juicer versus a centrifugal.  Lastly, juices from macerating juicers can stay covered in the fridge for up to 72 hours.  Centrifugal juicers produce juice that you must drink right away.  Why?  A centrifugal juicer uses high speeds to separate the pulp, therefore oxidizing the fruit and veg.  As soon as you add oxygen, the nutrients begin to break down and are no longer useful for your body.  I equate it to camera film that has been exposed to air before it is developed.  Macerated juices are juiced on low speeds with no oxidation which will ultimately make your juice last for a few days.  So the little extra work can actually help you prepare juice a few days in advance, making it more convenient to grab and go.

When it came down to it, Matt and I decided that we are juicing for our health so we should buy a juicer that allows us to get the fullest benefit from our fruits and veggies.  The Omega was the best choice for our budget.  In addition, the Omega can also turn out home-made pasta, bread sticks, frozen desserts like banana ice cream, baby food, and works as a coffee grinder.  Pretty awesome!  Tonight, we made two cocktails.  The first (the more orange one in the photos) consisted of one orange, 4 strawberries, 2 stalks of celery, lemon, ginger, 2 carrots and a kiwi.  The second included one orange, one beet, spinach, lemon, and 2 carrots.  Both were divine!  Juicing is also very colorful and fun to photograph.  You will see a few artistic representations of our juice below. We will keep you posted on our juicing and are looking forward to adding these juices to cocktails too!  Can you imagine fresh cucumber juice mixed in to your favorite summer cocktail?  We can.

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