Orange Crush

With an unusual amount of oranges in our CSA this week, I was determined to find a recipe where I could use these bad boys and voila: Orange Chiffon Cake found here:    Mostly, if I am not looking among my cookbooks for a recipe, I will search online and when it is 1 am ( I laid in bed for two hours and could not sleep…therefore I bake?)  having the ingredients in the house was also a determining factor.  I made a few adjustments.  One, we did not have milk, but we did have half and half which is a fine replacement and added a bit of needed fat to the recipe.  In addition, although I had cooking oil I substituted it for coconut oil.  I recently bought coconut oil from Trader Joe’s after speaking with some knowledgable friends (thanks Sasha and Noah) and further researching its benefits.  One of the articles I read is here:  Also, coconut oil gives…you guessed it…a slight coconut taste…very slight which has enhanced chicken and fish that I have made in the past.  I thought it would be perfect in this recipe and my oh my was it ever!  The tricky part was the “frosting” as it is a whipped cream base and with it being 90 degrees in my kitchen, it did not hold up as I would have liked.  The cake has found a new cubby in the fridge.  In the end, it was seriously delicious and don’t pay attention to the two reviews on the recipe site.  This came out moist and delicious.  Check out our pictures below! P.S. Little known fact= Chiffon means made with beaten eggs to give a light consistency.  Who knew!? Cheers.

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3 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. Two things…1. I think I need to move, if only to be available for random taste-testings at 2:00 am. 2. I am going to get coconut oil. I’ve heard to many amazing things and you helped seal the deal. So thank you!

    • Random taste tests going on all summer ladybug! I am into coconut oil. Noah melts it down and puts it on ice cream…just sayin.

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