But she grew up tall and she grew up right…

There is something about being a Midwestern girl I love.  There is something humbling about being from here that grounds me and has certainly shaped the type of person I am becoming.  For as many subways and clubs I have peeled myself in and out of, making apple pies and taking road trips are the types of things that are very familiar to me and at the same time, make me feel deeply satisfied.  Indeed, summer is my favorite time of year.  And can you really blame me?  Holing up in your apartment under blankets and in hats defending yourself against the harsh winter cold (which certainly has its own charm) OR lingering summer nights in someone’s backyard with wafts of the lake brought in on the backs of lighting bugs as the sun sets?  I mean…  For whatever reason, when summer rolls around I feel like doing everything!  And everything often includes getting out of the city to indulge in what nearby cities and towns have to offer.  Exploration= adventure= always a great story and with Matt always, always a very good time.  Our first road trip of the summer…New Buffalo, MI for a beach day.  Only being 90 minutes outside of the city, New Buffalo has some very cool things to do including visits to breweries, distilleries, and wineries.  Not to mention the beaches are impeccable and worth the drive.  Our CSA box this week offered many yummy treats that were also on the menu for our beach picnic including watercress and tomato salad and a fruit salad with plums, mango, banana, orange, and pear.  After swimming and relaxing it was off to Round Barn Winery for a wine and beer tasting.  A well spent afternoon indeed!  We have a lot planned for this summer.  We hope you will follow us as we navigate through the Midwest all summer long. (Cue Tom Petty song here).


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