Cocktails: 6 Sharp.

The Fitzgerald

We have a philosophy in the Temkin household which is this:  Do not live to work but rather work to live.  In other words, we understand that everything we do between 9-5 is merely a way to maintain and enrich everything else we want to do after 5.  Like everyone we know, work can so often appear to be unfairly stressful and life consuming.  Sometimes it is all we talk about or even think about.  It is in those moments that we try to remind each other that we are not saving the world in our respective careers, but that it’s work.  And although there are parts to our work that we like, we know what really matters and what we look forward to the most is coming home to each other at the end of the day.  That the dreams we create between these four walls (literally, there is not much else here folks) are far important than complaining about what happened at lunch, or how someone did not return a call or how the dry cleaners messed up…again.  But life is hard, and  sometimes we have to make time to connect.  Done are the days of walking in the door only to be thrown into the midst of cooking dinner while sort of sipping a fabulous glass of wine that you cannot even really enjoy because the water is boiling or the timer just went off or it’s already 7pm and you have to be in bed in 3 hours.  Why buy the wine in the first place?  Therefore, we are bringing back the cocktail hour at the Temkin’s.  A time where we can sit, catch up, and decompress because undoubtedly this joyful lull will be brief and something will certainly stir the pot again if not the fact that dinner burned while you were enjoying your cocktails.

There used to be an artistry about the cocktail hour.  In fact, I wonder if it should be capitalized to recognize its place in the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s …it was truly The Cocktail Hour where one did not mess around.  There were cocktail dresses and cocktail rings for the ladies, cocktail sets with individual stirrers, appropriate glassware, and sophisticated drinks including martini’s and manhattan’s as the norm.  This was a time set aside each day to look and feel fabulous.  So this summer, we are bringing back the cocktail hour.  6pm sharp.  We are taking back some time for ourselves and celebrating each day in a small way.  And every celebration needs a fantastic cocktail, right?  We hope you will join us.

2 thoughts on “Cocktails: 6 Sharp.

  1. I’m 100% in on this! Except here, it starts at 7 once the baby is in bed. But that’s the best part of Cocktail Hour…it’s flexible and carefree. Cheers!

    • Thats awesome! We want people to send us pics of their own cocktail hour and we will post them..perhaps you will be our first!

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