Farm to table…not just for restaurants.

This is a brief post about our Sunday dinner and how we used the contents of our CSA box.  With more sweet potatoes than we knew what to do with, I found a recipe on Epicurious for mashed sweet potatoes and banana:

I do want to point out that once the potatoes were roasted and I peeled the skin off, the meat inside was divine.  We could have easily eaten the potatoes plain.  They were perfectly sweet and creamy all by themselves, but I did want to give this recipe a go.  I do not recommend using the amount of cream or butter…we used significantly less.    Same on the brown sugar.  I would use those to the taste and consistency you prefer.  And the salt and pepper are truly essential elements that bring out the sweetness in the rest of the dish.  Super easy and really very good!

My intention was to grill the romaine, but thought of it too late and had already peeled the leaves away from the core.  I did try grilling a single leaf, but it just wilted and was no fun.  We made a salad of radishes (also from CSA) and shaved carrots.  The radishes were clean, crispy, and spicy!  I took a lot of pics of those suckers due to their intense vibrancy.  They were quite beautiful.  We used Alice Water’s recipe for creamy dressing from “The Art of Simple Food”.  Simple, clean, and made the salad just lovely.

We had some left over brats from Gene’s Sausage shop.  Since we do not have a grill or an outdoor space for that matter…Matt boiled those puppies up and we threw them on the griddle last minute.  Pretzel rolls, Bavarian mustard and grilled onions dressed the brats and completed our dinner.

Getting a CSA box really encouraged us to think differently about what to have for dinner.  We hope you enjoy some of our pics below!  Click on an image to enlarge.

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