“Mama once told me, you’re already home where you feel loved…”

We have amazing friends.  Friends, really family,  from all over the world that always make us feel like we are home no matter where we spend our time.  A few weeks back, I had the privilege of seeing a handful of those people for a gathering in New York.  As it normally goes upon arrival in New York, the  days were well spent and filled with moments and events for which I was thrilled to have our camera along to capture the subtleties of how spending time with these folks continues to fill my heart.  The first half of our time together mostly consisted of preparing for a family birthday party out on Long Island.  There was much cooking to be done including banana cream pie, strawberry ice box cake, and prosciutto, pear, and arugula wraps.  I added some cannolis to the line up (duh, have you been reading?) of which the dough failed miserably and landed me in a bakery the day of the party to buy already made shells.  When I asked the owner how she made her cannolis and she declared that ricotta and ricotta only is how she makes her filling, I knew that her shells would cradle my filling just right. Um…..anyway…..  The birthday party was lovely!  Here are some moments below from the trip featuring one of my closest friends Dave, his loving partner Kevin, their newest addition Dexter (a german shepard/beagle mix), the lovely Dana who flew in all the way from Australia, and Dave’s amazing family who hosted this event. You will see moments when we gathered with another group of folks who are equally as wonderful.  Recent transplants from Chicago to New York, we met up with Dave and his fiance Kate and our Ed in Brooklyn.  We shared drinks and snacks and enjoyed each other thoroughly.  The weekend’s festivities  ended with another birthday party, this one at a gay bar in Midtown where Kevin dressed up in drag, Ed, Dana and I had a philosophical (?) conversation by the DJ booth, and food was ordered from the closest diner at 2 am while we all piled in front of the T.V to watch the previously recorded SNL, including Dex.  Ah, just like home.

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