Almond Milk: It does a body good.

There is no good way to start this post.  “Nuts are great!” or “We love nut milk” did not seem right.  Almonds! We love almonds!  See, better..right?  Almonds are one of our favorite nuts due to their buttery taste and versatility.  Other than being nutritious, almonds can be used to make a variety of yummy treats!  This post is a recipe on almond milk.   Delicious, healthy, and a great substitute with cereal, fruit, and in smoothies!  We could not have done this without our friends at!  They have inspired us to believe that eating whole can be easy and accessible! Enjoy.


1 cup almonds

4 cups water

Optional: Agave, Honey, Vanilla, Cinnamon to sweeten.






1. Soak almonds over night in a water bath (minimum time 8 hours).

2. Once soaked, remove almonds and rinse in cool water, drain. In the meantime, prepare cheesecloth over bowl.  It should fit inside the bowl and have excess cloth on the outside for gathering later.

3. Add almonds to blender with 4 cups of water.  Blend 10-20 sec.

4.  Add sweeteners to taste.  Totally optional, will taste yummy as is. We added honey, cinnamon, and vanilla.

5. Pour milk into cheesecloth, twist to separate milk from almond pulp.

6. Chill and serve.

(Almond pulp can be dried and used to make almond flour and other raw recipes)

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