Feeling at home…in Milwaukee.

We were born and raised in the Chicagoland area. Our true nature is city. It’s in the way we walk, the way we drive, even in the way we order food at our favorite restaurants. But our city is different. Our city is a Midwestern city and for as brazen and flashy as Chicago can or cannot be, there has always been an essence of true Midwestern culture. We have always been seduced by the Midwestern touches on our big city…long, warm summer nights, blue skies and cornfields, farmstands. And these are the very elements that enrich Chicago’s style yesterday and today. And because of this, we are privy to a surprising amount of nearby cities and towns that are hosts to interesting, local, hand crafted food and cocktails that could rival any fancy twelve course tasting menu on the Near North side. Milwaukee ranks high on our list of places to visit when we are looking, or perhaps inherently craving, for solidarity in our food and drink. This is a city whose vibe is somewhat industrial, somewhat home-grown yet true to its roots and one can tell this by the food and the people who are producing it. Kinda sounds a little like Chicago, doesn’t it? This trip included visits to the Public Market where we slurped down oysters and dollar Shlitz drafts at Karen Jean’s Oyster Bar and Grill, indulged in heavy cream and espresso at Alterra Coffee, lingered over cocktails at Bryant’s…Milwaukee’s original cocktail house dating back to 1938, and after all of that, lazily drove home…only to bring it full circle with a Chicago style pizza from our favorite neighborhood pizza spot. Check out moments of our trip below. Click on the first photo to take a closer look.

3 thoughts on “Feeling at home…in Milwaukee.

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